Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blog 14th - Say Yes

Now this is my idea of enough beading!

I have had this YES up on my wall for a while, and now it is time to pass it on. I have listed it for sale at There are glass, stone, plastic, metal: all manner of little beadlings, about 1/2" of colorful beadifiers.

I learned YES at The Bread and Puppet Circus with my Haystack Mountain School of Crafts class from the summer of 1982. I still have the original small paper poster that first said YES to me. My YES is that I believe myself. That tiny piece of paper told my to hang in there with my dreams.

What is your YES? Let's have a Commenters Drawing: all of the commenters to this post, between now and the end of the month will be put into a hat and I will get one of my children to draw a name and you will win ... well, I will make up some wonderful little goody box of treats. Something will definately have beads on it!

O.K., so what or how is your YES? To whom did you say YES? Let us know...



Angela Davis said...

Dear one, I am in the yahoo group Beadingaholics with you and that is how I was led to your blog. I am now one of your fans. I love the things that I have seen so far and plan to continue to peruse your blog entries. This YES amazes me! I have had a year full of terrible situations and although I know that many are so much worse off than I, it tends to get me down. So I definitely need to say YES....Yes to the fact that I will survive whatever comes my way and become a stronger better person because of it! Blessings to you, Angela

Michelle said...

Hello I love your blog and website. Thankyou so much for the multiplication table its magnificent. I am a home school mum I have taught all my darlings and number five baby girl starts next febuary. I will be making this with my kids, such Fun! Ive been saying no for so long I at first thought what the heck do I say yes to...then I realised I said yes to me my inner self the artist within and i finally cleared a place in my garage and made myself a STUDIO...and now I work on my art every moment I get, Ive surrounded myself with fabulous inspirational books and magazines from USA not much availble in Australia and Im now doing my art and having happy dances most days. I also bring my children into my studio and have set up a table for them and let them play with their inner art selves too and all my artist materials too. Its wonderful blogs such as yours that inspired me and taught me that its ok to say yes to me and no to the rest of the crazy world sometimes. smiles Michelle

ikkinlala said...

My YES this year has been to joining groups... I've always avoided it in the past. The latest one I've joined is the community band, and I am having so much fun with it!