Tuesday, November 13, 2007

blog 13th - Doodle applique

Good Morning ... or ... um, whenever it is for you,
Enclosed are two pictures of a piece that I took on the road with me yesterday. It is a homework assignment from my Creative Chick Doodling class, and involves one of my all time favorite passtimes: applique. Here is the first picture, of the overall:

Here is a close-up of the stitching.

Susan uses floss and a bigger needle and I have found that less rhythmic, (I have to pull so hard and my hand strength must not be what hers is), so I use a single thread and a size 12 needle - very tiny, but it glides through all of those fabric layers. I am calling this stitch a "cross-hatched-herringbone".

Let me see if I can make you a tutorial ... Here!

Once again my camera and I have not figured out how close I can get, but let me walk you through.

1. Come up at A, (I came up at the outside edge of the top fabric ). Go down at B, up at C, (1/8" or so inside the edge).

2. Go down at D, up at E, (outside edge).

3. Go down at F, up at G, (inside the edge).

4. Keep repeating 2. and 3. overlapping all of your cross-stitches. This is not a neat stitch, with the angles of the crosses all parallel. No, this is one of those dreaming stitches: your size 12 glides, you meditate, and Goddess takes care of all the angles.

It is doing a great job with all of those fraying edges too.

See ya tomorrow.



Casey said...

Love that stitch - it adds such cool texture! Your work is beautiful. I wish I had that kind of patience

Angela Davis said...

Very cool. I'm gonna learn a lot from you!