Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blog 20th - October Bird..again. Still.

Another piece of October Bird.

More silver foil. More beading. Though I think that this section is up for revision. I really like how those packed lines of beads look. The original drawing on the cloth has back and forth scribbles to color in these sections, so the beading is reminiscent of that - though you can't really tell as the beads cover up the drawing ... well, anyway.

There are some guys in the latest issue of American Craft that have six foot panels of glass beading. Oh yeah. Steven and William Ladd. My idea of a good time. Hundreds of hours of beading. It wins out over bombing the National Museum in Bagdhad, or inventing Christmas tree lights with "lead and other substances which are known to cause birth defects and cancer. Please wash your hands after handling." I'm not kidding. Go read the packages. Lower right hand corner of the back panel on the box that I saw yesterday. I am so not kidding. The people who invent this stuff? How do they sleep at night?

California has a law that makes manufacturers at least label the boxes with warnings, but what sickness of spirit makes a person approve of the decision to add toxic substances to Christmas Decorations??!! So shall I decorate with gloves on this year, and tell the children not to touch the tree/tree lights? Or shall we skip the lights this year? Maybe I could put little footlights at the bottom of the tree ...

Oh dear...

I'm gonna go back and bead.

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ikkinlala said...

Your beading is gorgeous.

And it's scary what people seem to think is appropriate to add to products.