Monday, November 26, 2007

Blog 26th - My New Pincushion

So, maybe you think that I have dropped off the face of the Earth. No, I have just been cleaning my studio. Y'know how you just trip over an UFO just one too many times? (un-finished object) Well, you'd think I was pregnant with all the nesting and cleaning going on around here. (I'm so not pregnant, so I get to wonder what cosmic turn is up.)

Well one of the great things about sorting through is that one finds long lost things. I now have several thimbles, all together in a tiny drawer on my desk, a great number of my scissors, including the deckle edged ones, in their own drawer, with the X-acto knives, extra blades, and sharpening stone, and I have been finding lots of needles! Yay! So many that I had to make a new pincushion. I found a piece of felt, got some small rocks, and stitched away.


Yeah. You know how you reach for pins on a round pincushion and the "tomato" rolls, and then you grasp a pin and the whole pincushion comes with you? Very aggrivating. So I sewed the design that I have spent years wondering when I would take the 1/2 an hour to make.

I traced a circle on heavy cardboard and cut it out. Then I cut a slightly bigger circle of felt, and four triangles of felt each with bottom measurements a smidgen more than 1/4 of the circumference of the circle. None of these measurements were exact, or, for that matter, even measured. I guessed big and recut as needed.

ANYway, I stitched it all together and made a small pouch of the rocks to sit atop the cardboard - for weight so that I can pick up pins without flinging the pincushion about - and stuffed around and on top of the rocks ... do you get it? It works so well. You deserve one too. Let me draw you a cutaway view:

And here is the pic:

It even has a tassel at the top so that I can move it without getting poked! And it has a flat base so that it doesn't roll around.

My world is perfect. (It's the little things.)

Here's hoping that your little things are making your world perfect too.