Monday, November 5, 2007

Blog 5th - dyed, beaded Timtex

Yipes! We had a power outage yesterday! I can now passionately add to my gratitudes list: I am grateful for bright, electric light to sew by. I am grateful for running water. I am grateful for sunshine on my diningroom table when I don't have electric lights. I am grateful that the Y had power. And, of course, I am grateful for all of those nice Central Maine Power people who fixed the broken transformer on our street at 9 o'clock at night!
Back to art:

Here is the heartroot!

And a side view to get a better sence of the depth and crustiness of the thing.

And a tiny beading tutorial.

Position One , on the far left there, is a stack: string two pony beads, (size 8), and then a seed bead, (size 11), pull the beads all the way down the thread until they rest against the fabric and go back through the two pony beads - NOT the seed bead - and down into the fabric. (One may stack up as many beads as one likes.)

Position Two, is what I have been calling a jump: string 6 seed beads and go back into the fabric a short distance away. The closer that you go back into the fabric , then the taller the "jump" will be.

Position Three, is a pony bead on its side - just a bit more height than a seed bead. I was trying to go from a low profile near the brick colored seed bead edge to a higher mound in the center of each root finger, the pony was a good first stage.

Position Four is that single seed bead which I also used as a filler.

Position Five is another stack: this is a stack of 6 seed beads and behind the front line of techniques is a stack in progress showing how you come back through all of the beads except one.

Sigh. Beads sure do make me happy. Oh! Y'know, I just remembered: on my 40th birthday, (which was a toughie for me, 50 was easier, just like Judy told me - that it is one or the other that gets you, but not both - anyway, on that birthday I only asked for beads. The giver's choice. It was great! I received beads that I might not have bought for myself but that have been terrific additions to many a project.
Remind me to tell you about Rudy and the chispas. Might explain my bead happiness.


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sandra wyman said...

Thanks for the tutorial - really useful as I have only recently discovered beads and have no so far gor beyond sewing them on individually!