Tuesday, November 6, 2007

She recognised you...

I heard this yesterday in a radio talk by Father Greg Boyle: "The woman was crying because she recognised you as the shape of God's heart." He runs a business in L.A. that hires ex-gang members. The 'you' in that quote was a man who, an ex-gang member, now works in the office hosting tours of the facility in Los Angeles, and who was just returning from a dinner at the White House. I sometimes feel like an ex-gang member myself. Different gang. We, the priveleged, slay with different weapons. Long story. I watched a boy play in the tidal mud and sunshine, looking, probably, for crabs in the shape of God's heart, and wondered what that felt like.

I worshipped the yearning in that woman's son in L.A. that made him charm the visitors, and I worshipped the yearning for krill in that little boy on the beach, and I wondered.

I worked on the heart of Heartroot yesterday.

Above the whole, below the root ...

and here the heart.I used golden iris beads, and pink translucent, and deep red, and gold, and gold translucent ... I sew the beads in, deep and full, wishing that I could recognise the shape of God's heart at my fingertips.

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