Monday, March 31, 2008

ATC 1 Compassion has no limit

Here is your link for the day: It is short for NAtional BLOg POst MOnth. Actually, they are having a YEAR!!! But I'm taking it gently. They also have monthly themes and April's theme is Letters. This includes both letters as in notes one writes on paper, and the letters of the alphabet. The deal is to sign up with them and then blog every day for a month, (or a year), and somebody wins a prize at the end.
I thought that I would give this a try. I could make an ATC each day with a letter on it, (either kind), and that would be in keeping with my theme of writing this book about ATC's.

The book is going REALLY well. It is in the proofreading stage just now and when it gets all polished I will publish and send notification out to you! Yay! It really is a splendid book: so full of ideas. I can hardly wait until you see it!

So I owe you a photo of those ATC's from my last post. Here you are:

This is an ATC from the first lesson in the book. It is a magazine photo collage, which is what we did at our first Library Swap meeting in February, but this one has a bit of a twist in that I was just looking for blues to make my background. I liked the words on the teatag, which I added later and they fit well with the globe that I had found and the "YOUR NAME HERE" that I cut from one of those fake credit cards one gets in her junk mail.

If you would like notification about the book, or the Library Swaps, or any of the goings on in my studio, to come directly to your email inbox please go sign up at It is REALLY easy: click this link here, and then click JOIN on that page. Give them your whereabouts and you're in. Never miss a workshop, or an opening!

See you tomorrow, here or there - R

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Ginger M. said...

Got here from NaBloPoMo. Looking forward to see what creative things you're gonna do with the theme "Letters"