Monday, April 7, 2008

G is for good

Good things - an incomplete list:the growing ATC community in Rockport
the freedom of a certain moose with some effort by my household
Traci Bautista's how-to video from
my camera to computer link
my camera
my computer
the various blues of ocean water around the world
history books
and, of course, art supplies.
Today's ATC was made from tissue paper glued to a kind of parchment paper, which was then rubber stamped with a 4" x 4" stamp that I carved for a class with Susan Sorrell, (who is teaching at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in May, and who I highly recommend, and would be attending it myself if not for my job), and then the "good" was handwritten. Now that I have been playing with acrylic gel medium, I want to try the tissue to parchment thing with gel meduim.
See ya tomorrow. Good day to you.


Iris E. said...

I LOVE your alphabet series. And G is for good might be my current favorite (though I always think the latest is my favorite...and you keep making wonderful things). I am really loving the rubber stamp background with the almost-fingerprint-like feeling.

Anonymous said...

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