Tuesday, April 8, 2008

H is for HOME, Haleluia!

O.K., so yesterday I was in mom-mode, doing the waiting thing, and I started drawing on this lovely Paper For Pens: kinda shiny, ink just zooms along on the page. I was doodling to figure out what today's ATC would be about.
After going through some of the more absurd ones, (hellion, hen, Heimlich), I moved on to some others:
This morning I did a little cut and paste and there we are:
I am just recently coming into that set of thinkings that are all about loving ourselves where we are, loving the chaos as well as the glory. My home is full, really full, of glory. It is, we are, I am really full of chaos too. Which is what makes the glory all that more miraculous.

A long time ago I was talking to my Harvard Divinity School friend, Rudy, about angels and perfection vs. humanity and the lush world of feelings. It isn't always pretty, but it is here, it is what we have got, and I believe in a God/dess who is curious and interested, as well as loving, and wouldn't have made all of these lush feelings if we weren't supposed to feel them.
I believe in a Universe that makes a world to be experienced and learned from. If we were all supposed to be perfect, why waste time making us human? Just to send us to Hell? That is a very kinky God in my opinion. (This is my blog, I can be opinionated here.)
So, to be full of feelings, (as Bitsa would say, "gifts from God"), and mistakes, and chaos, and to bear witness to the breakthrough into Glory in all her Earthly beauty is, well, good.

So here we all are: in a neighborhood of mistakes, and loving, and chaos, and glory. Pleased to meet you, neighbor.

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