Tuesday, April 15, 2008

O is for Once upon a time...

Isn't that a beautiful way to begin a story? A woman I know used to begin stories like that. I have begun some with those words too. Once upon a time, when was it? When was it not? There was a little girl who loved to cut paper into the tiny, necessary items for the folk of her doll houses. They had pots and pans made of black construction paper made shiny with a layer of white glue, miniature newspapers to read, and even a bureau in the bedroom to hold their tiny handkercheifs.

Just kinda gets you in the mood to make a story, doesn't it?

So, yesterday I made 8 ATCs for my book (which I am working to get into your hands by about May Day) and this morning I am looking at them and realizing that I LOVE to make the cards in a series. All the same background, or all the same theme, or, in this case, all the same construction technique. All of yesterday's cards are to illustrate the project that we will have at the library in August: Favorite Places. In August I figure that we might have some visitors from away come to join us at the Swap and that taking pictures of various Rockport locales will be on their agenda anyway, so I thought that we'd use those photos to make 3-D ATCs.

Want a peek?

Here you go: This is Andre the seal. He lived with a family here in Rockport back in the 60's. One of his human sisters wrote his story and you can find it at your library if you would like to read a very sweet story about a dad who was interested in all the folks in his harbor. Andre lives on in his granite likeness in the Rockport Harbor Park, and he loves to have visitors drop in for a group shot.
Will you come visit us Rockportians this summer? We will be at the library on June 14th and 25th, July 12th and 30th, and August 9th and 27th. We will show you how to make ATCs of your stories, Once upon a time. When was it? When was it not?

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