Wednesday, April 16, 2008

P is for Paper

Paper: background paper! In my new book, The Great Library ATC Swap, due out in just a couple of weeks (want instant notification? Join us at: and you will get notices for the books, the swaps and all the fun in the SunneSpot world)
Anyway, back to today's topic: Paper. In the book I talk about how much I love to make a big piece of background paper to cut up later for Artist Trading Card backgrounds. I like it so much that at the end of the How-To chapter I have included a few of my favorite techniques. Today's card comes from one of the big papers.

To begin with I took a piece of cardstock and painted it all over with gel medium. Then I lay a piece of crinkled colored tissue paper over the top and pressed it flat with just my hand. The next morning I stamped it with some of my handmade rubber stamps and Voila! lots of backers, ready to go! Here is today's ATC:I had some gold! tissue paper in my stash - cool, eh? I found, however that the shiny-ness of the paper didn't let it take the rubber stamping as well. I could try one of those stamping pads that are for metal and glass and that might work. The regular tissue tho prints just fine. I love all the crinkles. And that is a chocolate coin wrapper there. And publishing is on my mind these days...

So tell me: will you try this technique?

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