Friday, April 18, 2008

R is for Robinsunne

Today I am taking for me. (I don't mean to imply that all that laundry that has been piling up while I have been doing rewrite won't get done today, or that I won't sweep the living room which has needed it for a while, or that a few meals won't get made for some of my favorite people) I just mean to tell you that writing this book, The Great Library ATC Swap has put my heart where I have wanted it to be for decades. I am feeling some joy here. The little shrinky-dink up in the lefthand corner of today's ATC says "LOVE" which is what I feel. I love writing books. I love my kids. I love my friends. I love being an artist. I am pretty much crazy about the folks at the Rockport Public Library, I adore and am fabulously grateful to Iris for her help with this book, and there is more. I am glad and appreciative that there is more. Makes a woman feel the way she ought.

The book is looking good, let me tell you. It goes out for it's final proof-read this afternoon. After that, because I have chosen the astounding thrill of self publishing, it will get it's final polish and be sent out for publication at I am hoping to have the announcement for you by May 1st!

This is my second book. The first was Nannee, about my pretend grandmother. (I didn't have grandmothers growing up: one had died long before I was born and the other lived very far away, so I made one up.) Nannee is an herbalist, and the story is about an afternoon spent in her company. It is a picture book with the pictures and the text cut from paper. The book comes with a free greeting card of one of the images in the book printed in "thermography" or raised printing. I couldn't print the book with papercuts but the feeling of a page of paper lace is wonderous. I wanted you to feel that amazing texture and thermography does it. Nannee was also self-published and is available at

Well, I am off to rewrite-land now. See you tomorrow. Have a very good day.

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