Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today, S is for sunnespot! Now a sunspot is a vortex of elements and magnetic activity on the surface of the sun. But a sunnespot is a vortex of art and fine craft activity on the coast of Maine, the web, and soon: on your bookshelf!

The Great Library ATC Swap has had its final draft, and has gone out for its final proofread. Yay! So this is what it is:

Revel with Robinsunne and the Rockport Public Library ATC Swap group as we meet throughout the year to construct the tiny paper confections and the powerful visual statements that are Artist Trading Cards. Packed with pointers, and possibilities, and over 30 projects to help any hometown create their own ATC Swap Group!

Public libraries are both the perfect resource and common ground for any community, where you can gather and experience what the Rockportians have: the joy of making art with old and brand new friends!

I will have the publication news for you on or about May 1st.

Be Fabulous.
Have a terrific day!

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