Friday, June 13, 2008

My book is on its way!!!

I tell you: I am barely holding it together. (I wonder what that means ... symbolically ... the possibilities beg for some artwork...) I just got an email that The Great Library ATC Swap has just been shipped to me from I am soooo excited!!!!!! Here is the cover:

As soon as I do my final print proof-read I will release it to you!

Y'know, the thing that is kinda magical about this timing is that in 1993 I published Nannee, my first book, and announced it on my birthday: June 16th. If I get the ATC Swap book by Saturday, which I might, as it is being Priority shipped, then I can announce/open publication of this, my second book, on my birthday too. Yay!

I am really proud of this book. I think that it has great ideas and I am so eager to have you all share them. I can't hardly wait to begin swapping with other groups from around the country - that is one of the most fun options with this book. Sure it teaches how to make ATCs, but also it shows how to make a swap group in your hometown, and then, when you all are ready, to swap with other library swap groups around the country.

I am so aware that nothing happens in a vacuum: Molly Larson, the director of our library, has been so welcoming to me, to this idea, to the hoards of ATC artists who come through her doors each month. She just keeps finding ways to make everything work out. Thank you, Molly!

Jane Babbitt, another librarian here in Rockport, makes great ATCs, proof-read the book, comes to all the swaps, and has been so enthusiastic about art in the library and my book. What a blessing. Thank you, Jane.

And of course, there is Iris. ArtistMamaLibrarianExtrodinaire. Iris and Jane stood at the front desk ohhing and ahhing over the book that I brought to the library to illustrate my Swap idea back in January (1000 Artist Trading Cards, ed. Particia Bolton). And Iris and I have been swapping cards, ideas, art thrill, and even some Swap leadership ever since. Iris also proof read my book twice, and has been a major cheerleader for me all along my way. Thank you too, Iris, very, very much.

Big projects often require big allowances and sacrifices from one's family too and I send out lots of kisses and hugs to my children for taking this all in their stride.

Well, today, just to keep me occupied, (kidding) I am taking some art quilts up to Augusta to have juried for the Maine Crafts Association's new retail shop in Gardner. I love the work that I will be showing to them - both doing it and the finished pieces. I am happy to say that I have been working on a new quilt recently and so glad to be back at it - not that I don't also enjoy the ATCs. It is just that there is something so slow about the quilts, they are small but wonderfully intricate, and I find that I breathe in God while I work ... somehow slowly enough so that I actually notice and can appreciate the company. >sigh< id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5211332754198008706" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">

And this is October Bird, here:
The other photos are too big for me to load this morning, but suffice to say: small-ish art quilts with lots of embellishments. Now then, off to the races. Wish me luck.

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Iris E. said...

Love that detail of the bird!
And your kind words...The pleasure has really been all mine!
Thank you for my most recent ATCs from you. And the answer is YES, you may have that card you requested!

SO proud of you.