Sunday, June 1, 2008

with and for each other

Oh my! It has been a month. Perhaps all of that April blogging exhausted me. Or maybe I have just had a rather full schedule.
Well, I keep walking along with my book: I hit cross schedules, computer glitches: all manner of details to work out. I am still heading towards a publication very, very soon. I was remembering that I published my first book: Nannee on my birthday in 1993, so I was thinking that I am working to announce this new book on June 16th this year - exactly 15 years later.

The Great Library ATC Swap has more than 30 techniques to keep an ATC group at your hometown library interested and coming back for more. Or maybe just you - but I highly reccomend making art in community. I have lots of ideas on how to start a group and instructions for how to trade with us, here in Rockport! We are looking forward to that!

Here is a treat from Chapter One:

AAAnd, I realised a week or so ago that I miss sewing. So I have started a new embellished reverse applique quilt. Sigh. I am happy.

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