Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Cool news in the local ATC world: Molly, the library director, and I are going to throw a big ATC party to celebrate our ATC Year. We will ATC at the ROH. That is short for "make ATCs all afternoon on Saturday, November 24th, at the Rockport Opera House with your friends and neighbors and have so much fun that you will hardly believe it".
There is a kitchen so we'll have eats. There is a big open space with linoleum floors and so we might go really wild and crazy and use paints!!! (Can't really do that in the carpeted library.) Oh My!!! There are so many ATC painted background ideas that I have been sooooo eager to try. What if we did that there???!!! On that day! You and I! I have to go tell Molly. That's a great idea.
(I will have Great Library ATC Swap books to sell and autograph.) (!!!)
We could all get a great start on end of the year presents - I mean what is better than hand-made gifts? Yes? But mostly what a lovely way to wind our way towards winter: making art, telling stories, sipping tea and cocoa...

We will have only two more ATC swaps in 2008 after that: Saturday the 13th and a revised date of Tuesday, December 30th, when we will be making Goals and Resolutions cards. I will keep you up to date as we get closer.

And just to reassure you, Iris and I have been thinking up more fabulous Art-at-the-Library ideas for next year... skinny books and such...

I am also proud to say that my art quilts have been "approved" for possible inclusion at the Maine Crafts Association's new retail location in Gardiner. (!!) I just got the letter yesterday. I really love the work of sewing and I have missed it in this year of paperarts focus. So it will be very good to have another excuse to get back to it.

I wish you a Tuesday full of art and love.

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