Sunday, July 27, 2008

grandparent photo ATCs

Hi, It's been weeks... I started working on my next book, a cut paper picture book, when out of the ethers another book dashed to the front of the queue and demanded first attention. The conversation wasn't too long: I caved and started working on that.

So the current book is a "skinny book". There are lots of specific sizes for skinny books, but in general they are about twice as tall as they are wide, are handmade and spiral bound, and often are embellished with all manner of trinkets and artistic devices. I think that I am going to offer this one in two ways: one just the images - they will be computer copies of the original hand drawn pages - and the second version will be fully embellished. I am thinking that I will offer them on my etsy shop (

And otherwise in life I have been joining in some group swaps at I joined a "pink and orange"swap, a sunflowers swap, and have a print swap to work on next week, and a name swap after that. I can't wait to start getting them back!!

I also promised that group that I would post two ancestor ATCs from my new book here.

Here is Hettie:
And here is Madie:Fare Thee Well!

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