Friday, August 29, 2008

Artist's Journals

I am thinking a lot about artist's journals these days. I was in a "skinny book" swap at and I LOVE how little chunky bits of art lump up the pages. I enjoy holding the ribbons and fluffy yarns in my hands as I turn the pages. I just like add-ons, embellishments. It must be related to my love of beads.

But I also like to write. I like to read what I wrote. And all of this art on my pages, though fun, is distracting. Horrifying as it is to say, I might have to have two journals. Because I am liking using the visual stuff to tell my story. But it seems to work better for the headlines. writing is so ... flowing. So many artistic rocks in this journal. I spend all my time circling around them and I am feeling crazed to not be able to just. well ... GO.

Also thinking about friendship. I feel like I have been under one of those rocks for the last 10 years. Oh, >sigh<

I guess this is one of those topics to make a page spread about, yeah?

Well then I'm off. I have been making 5 sets of tall, skinny curtains into three sets of quite wide, short curtains for the classroom. A little checkerboard Seminole border (all with the same fabric so an extreemly subtle checkerboard) to use up the cutoffs and fill out the width of the curtain behind the teacher's desk. I keep thinking that all this work is art-juju to give the teacher, and thus my daughter, a good year.

We do what we can.

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