Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swap Night at the O.K. Library!

You know, the thing I like about showing people art ideas is that you all come right back at me with fabulous ideas of your own! I loved ATC Night yesterday. I can hardly wait to do more.

We had a strong little group last night and I got permissions to show you some of what we did. Our theme was using those little foam adhesive dots to play with making 3-D ATCs. This is in my book: The Great Library ATC Swap (available at ).

This one has the picture of a girl being swept up in a tornado - in 3-D!! Oh Nooooo!
And here is a little fairy under the arch at Children's Chapel (an outdoor chapel looking out over the georgous waters of Penobscot Bay). You can't tell, but the fairy is floating above the groud on her foam dot. Again, in order to show the card in full I didn't shoot the angle to get the dimension: this next ATC has REAL sunflower seeds, and two layers of sunflowers. It is awesome in hand!
Here is a girl dancing to the band music - of course in 3-D!There is a granite seal in Rockport Harbor: Andre. He (the live seal) lived here in the 1960's with a local family and there is a book about him, a couple in fact, that you can get at your library. Here is Andre. Can you tell how he is layered?
Here is a multi-dimensional Valentine:Another fairy at Children's Chapel - I tell you, that is a very magical place! This fairy was hand-drawn with sparkle Gelly Roll pens (one of my fave brands) and set in with foam dots:
This is one I worked on. This is a photo of an embroidery I put on a jean jacket when I was about 15. See how the sun rises from behind the hills of rolling chain stitch?Then, as I went looking in the office for our pre-cut ATC backs guess what excellent Librarian Jane left for us? CLEAR ATCs!!! Thank you, Jane! This is what I did with them: made a base ATC picture, and then made a bit of a borderon the clear ATC to hide some foam dots that set the "glass" above the picture. On the sunshine I redrew the sun with permanant gold ink, and on my valentine I drew with sparkly Gelly Rollers. We had a great night (except for the part about my daughter being given a ticket by her teacher for "reading while walking outside a library.") (Joke.)

Our next ATC swap at the library is on Saturday, September 13th, at 2:30, with excellent Iris. See you there!

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AMAZING works!'
So sorry we missed was a long and exhausting day of being bored with each other while having hayfever.


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