Sunday, May 30, 2010

Progress in the Sunne Spot Studio

Well, haven't we been busy...

I have been having little moving parties into the Studio, and just this week I had a carpenter friend build me a wonderful ATC table along the back wall. Artist Trading Cards have been such a fun project in the past couple of years that I decided to dedicate a specific part of Sunne Spot to making them. Along the 17 foot table there will be a station for painting (which can also be used for painting art journal pages and canvas), then a station for rubber stamping - and just below the workspace there is a shelf that will hold the chests of stamps. On down the line there is space for collaging - with a collection of magazines and some gluesticks below, and also a place for making and adding paper punches to one's ATC (or greeting card, or collage) - with a full stash of punches in their chests on the shelf below.

I am busy putting layers of polyurethane on the new back bench and the two big work tables (freshly sanded by the aforementioned wonderful carpenter). Then I can place the supplies and we are ready to go!

I took some "before" pictures and then forgot to bring the camera home with me. >sigh<

A lot on my mind, I guess.

And then I will take some "after" pictures. Good.

We have a Free Drop-In Week coming up, (a whole week of free studio time!) and I hope that all of you who are nearby will come to our Grand Opening Party on June 13th.

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