Friday, August 27, 2010

Maine Media Workshops Visits Sunne Spot

Well, this summer has been a season of serendipity and good fortune for Sunne Spot. Through this and that little turn of fate I have met, and had the good fortune of working with, some wonderful artists.

One of my favorite groups of people to work with are parents with their children. I have had the astonishing and nigh on miraculous opportunity to work with my children over the years. I have a theory that keeping this practice of art - like meditation or prayer - is both intimate and healing when we regularly share it with someone. And when that someone is our child we parents are given a sweet way to deepen and strengthen both of us in the relationship. I welcome you to visit the Studio and test my theory. (!)

One of my favorite and regular moms, Beverly, happened to meet Clem Spaulding, a student at the local art school: Maine Media Workshops. Clem has been a still photographer in Texas for years and was taking a class to move his work into videography. In their conversation Clem found the subject of his Workshop video: Sunne Spot Studio.

You can see the result here at youtube:

Well, Clem showed the video to his longtime friend, photographer Judy Herrmann, also teaching at Maine Media Workshops this summer, and it turned out that Sunne Spot filled a need of hers and we were able to collaborate this past week.

Judy has been teaching "Jump Start Your Career", a course about using creativity in business develpoment. (It sounded so wonderful - wish I'da been there..) Judy wanted to have her students not only do the classroom work, but also to have an opportunity to just play, knowing that this kind of visual "what if-ing" gets all of our work re-charged.

How true.

Here they are at work: And here are some of the results. They painted, printed and stamped some papers on Tuesday ...
Then came back this morning to make paper chains, journals ...
(make some more papers)
make an Artist Trading Card (this one is called Paper Bag Elvis) ... (and is actually up on the Trading Rail waiting to be traded on...) and even origami.
I enjoyed working with the Workshop students very much. (Thank you all for visiting! Beautiful artwork.)
And I was delighted to be asked to brainstorm with teachers this summer.
I might be turning into a part time art consultant.
It is all good.


Websafe said...

A great video, very well made and very inspiring. I want to see more!

Robinsunne said...

Thanks, W. Clem did such a great job - I was there and I know some of what he cut. He was a generous listener and pulled three hours of shooting into a sweet statement for me. I was delighted.