Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Journal 1231

I worked on binding my journal for Dawn Sokol's 1231 journal making class over the weekend: I was able to work out the math for a cross stitch binding for both of the journals. The blue one had two signatures...
and it also has all of these great flip open pages. Lots of room to work.
The green one has three signatures, and I wasn't sure that I could make the stitches work, but they did. Yay. I like how they look. The spines are structured with duct tape - DID YOU KNOW that Wxxxxxx (THAT store) has a zillion (OK, like 15) colors of duct tape? I never imagined! Flourescent colors, and teal, and bright red, and hot-rod-flame and even a tye-dye pattern. Now I have to go check out the local hardware stores to see what they have...
The covers of the big green journal have modeling paste/spackle stars on them. I painted them gold for the long winter nights ahead.
Oh! And we have a new benefactress: she brings us wire spools. They are free and you are welcome to come stake a claim on one or two. Tables? Chairs? Bookshelves in the round? A spine for a book or a scroll? What would you do with one??
And I am thinking of making a Knitting Spool with the cardboard tube. Make hats, or blankets...
Did you know that Sunne Spot will be open all during Thanksgiving week? (Except the day itself.) Sunne Spot can also be rented for parties, and even inpromptu gatherings. What are you doing with your in-laws all week? Call me. We'll set up a couple of hours for ornament or present making: 323-1629

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