Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello Gentle Artists.

Well, I am here today to make an announcement: I am moving my studio back home. This studio on Route One was in many ways a dream come true. And yet, the timing isn't quite correct.
So here are some of my plans:
***To continue as an art party and retreat planner. Please call me (207-323-1629) and we will work out something wonderful for you.
***To continue teaching classes at community and retail venues in the area.
***To get back to writing books: craft how-to books.
***To re-engage my presence.
***And certainly to keep blogging. :)
I liked working with all of you who came to the Studio very much. That was fun and something I hope to do again someday. The short answer is that I need my schedule to be dictated by my homeschooling demands. Blessed Be.


Sues said...

Good luck w/the move & am enjoying your blog.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

So sorry to hear you are having to give up your studio space.....I sure wish I was close enough to have seen it, and also to attend your sale.
Take care and I wish you the best with your future plans.


Robinsunne said...

Hey you two sweet blogger friends: thanks for the notes. I will take your good wishes and use them as I write my next book.

And I will see you here as always.